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Event Sponsorship


Elevate Minds, Empower Lives

Sponsor an Upcoming Event for Lasting Impact and Meaningful Brand Connection

Sponsoring one of Kaela's upcoming events is an exceptional opportunity to align your brand with a meaningful and impactful endeavor.

Your sponsorship will not only contribute to the success of the event, but it will also demonstrate your commitment to supporting mental health awareness and education.

Join Kaela in making a lasting difference while promoting your brand to a receptive audience that values authenticity, wellness, and personal growth.

Sponsor a Central Ohio Mental Health Professionals Luncheon

In an effort to promote collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and camaraderie within the field, Teal Saguaro Wellness organizes and hosts free monthly luncheons available to Central Ohio mental health professionals.


These gatherings serve as a unique platform for mental health professionals to come together, exchange insights, discuss emerging trends, and engage in open dialogues about the challenges and opportunities in their line of work.

Sponsoring one of the free monthly luncheons presents a unique and compelling opportunity for a brand to demonstrate its commitment to the well-being of the community and align itself with a noble cause.

The brand's support not only contributes to the success of the event but also establishes a meaningful connection with a passionate and socially conscious audience, potentially leading to increased brand loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and lasting relationships within the community.

The Central Ohio Mental Health Professionals Luncheon can seat up to 50 attendees, the targeted email marketing associated with the event will go to over 1,500 mental health professionals in the Central Ohio area, promotion across our social media channels with a potential reach of more than 5,000, cross-promotion in local mental health professionals Facebook groups offers a potential reach of more than 6,500, the potential social media reach of associated event marketing is more than 75,000 across all platforms.

General Sponsor


Become a valued supporter of our event as a General Sponsor, gaining exposure and recognition among our diverse audience while contributing to the success of this exciting occasion.


  • Recognition on event registration page on this website.

  • Recognition on event packet provided to attendees.

  • Name recognition at beginning of event during introductions.

Catering Sponsor


Elevate your brand's presence by becoming a Catering Sponsor, not only enjoying all the benefits of a General Sponsor but also receiving special acknowledgment for your vital role in satisfying attendees' appetites.


  • All General Sponsor benefits.

  • Recognition at the event as the Catering Sponsor.

  • One post on each TSW social media platform recognizing your partnership with the event.

Co-Host Sponsorship


Experience the spotlight of our event as a Co-Host Sponsor, receiving prominent recognition and gratitude for your substantial investment in making this event a memorable and remarkable experience for all attendees.


  • All General Sponsor benefits.

  • Recognition at the event as the Co-Host of the event.

  • Recognition on all event marketing as the Co-Host of the event, with brand logo.

  • Sponsor exclusivity for event.

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