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Today I am reading "The Keeping Quilt" written by Patricia Polacco

Feb 16, 2024

Today I am reading "The Keeping Quilt" written and Illustrated by Patricia Polacco.

"We will make a quilt to help us always remember home," Anna's mother said. "It will be like heaving the family in back home Russia dance around us at night. And so it was. From a basket of old clothes, Anna's babushka, Uncle Vladimir's shirt, Aunt Havalah's nightdress and an apron of Aunt Natasha's become The Keeping Quilt, passed along from mother to daughter for almost a century. For four generations the quilt is a Sabbath tablecloth, a wedding canopy, and a blanket that welcomes babies warmly into the world. In strongly moving pictures that are as heartwarming as they are real, Patricia Polacco tells the story of her own family, and the quilt that remains a symbol of their enduring love and faith."

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